Trained in herbalism by her Irish born Grandmother and renowned Herbalists, Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed, among others, Gina has been a professional Herbalist for 37 years, and a researcher of Celtic ethno-botany, history and culture. She operated a Free Clinic in the US, where she served people with AIDS, Cancer and a vast array of other health issues, gaining broad experience in the healing power of herbs.

Gina weaves the spiritual traditions of the Native American medicine people she was privileged to study with together with her own ancestral Celtic and pre-Celtic ways .

She brings the ancient myths and deities to life with her dramatic storytelling and rituals, heavily laced with her humour and personal experience

She chooses to house Brighid’s Academy in her home, to maintain simplicity and comfort, and serve as a continual reminder of the sacredness of the mundane and that these things are available to everyone.

Bernie Kane, Herbalist and Administrator at Brighids Academy

Bernie began her training at the Academy in 2004.

Having experienced the benefits of herbs for her own health and that of her family, she runs her own practice in Mullingar, Sweet Rose Remedies including herbs for children and herbal skincare.  She is facilitating the Earths Healers Foundation Course from  2020.  Bernie is available for Consultations in her Clinic in Mullingar and surrounding areas.

Cathy Browne, Herbalist

Cathy began her training at the Academy in 2015.  Having learned from personal experience how to attain and maintain optimum health with herbs for herself and her young autistic son.  Cathy is passionate about natural skincare and is the creator behind s in Wild Irish Botanical Skincare brand, The Herbal Hippie and wellness blog Herbal Hippie.  Having qualified as an organic make up artist, Cathy brings her knowledge of the skin and make up industry with her passion for plant based beauty and herbal health for wellness.  Cathy is available for Consultation in her Clinic in Westmeath & Meath areas.

Janet Meade, Herbalist

Janet began her training at the Academy in 2013.  Janet is a mother of 4 children who runs hers own practice in Athlone, Co. Westmeath under the name of Mother Miach Herbs.  Janet offers medicine consultations, various herb infused skin and body care, workshops, courses and her Wild Herb Tea Trail tours which run between Apr – Sept on a yearly basis in Athlone.  Janets’ interest in the herb and plant world goes right back to her childhood where she and her sister would regularly gather various leaves and flowers to make potions and flowers from them.  While pregnant with her first child in 1998 Janet started gathering and reading books on basic alternative therapies including herbal medicine to use in the home, for herself and her family.  Janet is passionate about encouraging others to incorporate using herbs in their home, for themselves and their families and also encouraging her community to utilise the space they have no matter how big or small to create a haven for wild plants, flowers and insects.  Janet not only uses herbs on a physical level but on a metaphysical level as she believes each plant and herb has its own energy through her various herbal formulae and preparations to treat and help on a phsyical and emotional level.  Janet is also passionate about protecting our environment and only uses reusable, recyclable and compostible materials and packaging.   Janet is available to take consultations in her Clinic in Athlone and surrounding areas.